Advantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones have totally changed the world, now day’s people can even forget about their house keys and car keys but they can’t ever forget about their own mobile phones cause now day’s people don’t carry note books or so on to keep all their information like contacts, appointments, reminder, notes and so on.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Phones and why it is So Important This Days?advantages of mobile phones

  • Many people use it for emergency purpose and majority of this people will be found in Asian countries where father and mother provide mobile phones to their children for an emergency purpose. So mobile phones are really helpful in emergency or urgent purpose.
  • In mobile phones you can keep all your friends and family contact details at one place like mobile phone number, email, house address, work phone number and so on. Majority of people is this global uses for this purpose
  • Mobile phones are simple and easy to carry everywhere you like in this world. No need to carry your home telephone along with you all the time in your suitcase.
  • Mobile phones helps to do quick communication among peoples and the fastest communication device in the world
  • Before decade the main sole purpose of mobile phones was to do communication but now day’s it is used for many purpose and features for example people can listen to music, can store music files, can take pictures, store pictures, record videos, store videos and plenty of features
  • Sometimes mobile phone is been used for tracking people or something else this is been used by some of the big authorities people where they can even track where the mobile is.
  • Now internet browsing features is been added to mobile phones people used to carry laptops, netbooks and so on but people don’t even carry that because people can now use their internet on their hand and that means world wide web is in your hand.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Sometimes battery life is not good and as it runs with potable battery so the mobile can die anytime
  • The price reduces every time and every day. This cannot be said as assetadvantages of mobile phone
  • Can be stolen easily if it is not protected properly
  • Can be lost easily so good to have insurance
  • Can drop from the hand and totally damage the body and the system
  • Sometime lets to expenses for accessories if some parts is damage or broken
  • Gives problem with network. Still now it does not reach all part of the world for the network
  • All the brands of mobile phones have their own accessories and own system so cannot be used for other brands or even in different model of same brand.
  • Some mobile phones are expensive and plenty of people can’t buy it

Future of Mobile Phones

  • The future to put everything in one phones for example like all the things what we use in PC, Mac or even in Internet will be done by mobile phones and still now plenty of things can’t be done by mobile phone.
  • Mobile phones will replace carrying payment cards so we don’t need to carry out all the banks payment cards in our bag, just carry mobile phone and it is enough
  • It will be used of car door keys through Bluetooth or Infra rate or may something else
  • It will be used to drive your car like you play your PlayStation games
  • It will be used as your house door key
  • Mobiles and Tablets will be integrated together in our near future
  • And plenty more things will be add into mobile phone technology